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Property Management, Project Management and Funds Administration all in one place. 

As one of the world’s leading providers of outsourced alternative investments, international expansion and corporate services, Vistra also provides a unique range of real estate services. These range from funds administration to managing the individual property throughout the duration of its life cycle. 

With our one-stop-shop strategy, we simplify processes, reduce the number of service providers required and take full responsibility for each stage along the value chain, making it easier for you to focus on your core business priorities. Integrated IT systems from property to fund level provide the basis for this. Our IT systems include Yardi, Ferryt, Granit and DATEV. 

We offer property management services for retail, offices, logistics and residential properties nationwide from Berlin to Cologne to Soest (near Dortmund). Vistra also has offices located in Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Leipzig. 

We have a strong focus on technical and building project management with in-house architects available. In terms of investment, we accompany investors and sellers throughout all phases of the transaction process and can always turn to our international network when needed. We also take care of the certification of your real estate portfolio (GRESB) and the related management. 

Above all, we see ourselves as your proactive partner who adapts to your needs and takes care of your real estate with a lot of passion.

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Thanks to our many years of experience, we are very familiar with the possible challenges that can arise in real estate management. Therefore, we know that only high-quality and proactive property management can sustainably increase the value of your property. This is why we work with you to develop a solution strategy for commercial and technical property management that is tailored to your needs and requirements. Our strategy of qualitative and customer-oriented property management is referred to as ‘Property Management 2.0’. 

What makes our Property Management 2.0 different? 


Partner model and client teams 

The support of various investors and asset managers represents a major challenge in property management. We consider your specific working methods and requirements within the context of our customer-oriented real estate management. It is essential to us that we provide you with consistently high quality standards which are tailored to your individual needs.

A decentralised structure can make customer-oriented management of your real estate difficult. This is why we centralise as many functions as possible so we can ensure the highest level of quality when locally managing your real estate. 

As the central customer teams are formed in this way, we do not need to alter the way we work for each new client. Instead, we get to know your requirements and the way you work in regards to managing your properties well. We will always provide you with an exclusive partner who will manage your properties, even if they are spread all across Germany. Our property managers treat your property as their own and are your right hand in managing your portfolio.


Organisational Structure 

By creating customer teams in property management, clear management of skills is established without the need for matrix structures or overarching key accounts which generally have little to do with operative property management.

Our customer teams always consist of real estate accounting, commercial property management and technical property management. The accountants and commercial property managers are centrally located in Soest. Easy communication between the accountants and property managers, regardless of whether this communication is to do with account clarification, clarification of open asset, ancillary cost settlements or in reporting, is something we consider a success factor to our real estate services.

Depending on the asset class of your property, especially retail or logistics real estate, our approach consists of locating technical property management as centrally as possible in Soest along with commercial property management and property accounting. For office or management properties, our technical property managers are located in Cologne and Berlin, but can also be available at other Vistra locations in Germany, such as Frankfurt or Munich. 


Specialisation in technical property management

We believe that technical property management cannot effectively carry out facility management, be responsible for expert audits and project manage complex renter improvements and refurbishment projects all at the same time. Rather, each of these three areas of technical property management requires specific competencies and skills. Therefore, we have formed specialized divisions for each of these practices and distinguish between the Technical Property Management Department, the Inspections and Maintenance Department and the Construction Project Management Department. 


Effective control of facility management and focus on operator responsibility

With high-quality local facility management, high-quality property management is ensured which in turn leads to high renter satisfaction. This guarantees the efficient operation of your properties with maximum satisfaction. 

Proper and punctual settlement of ancillary costs is a basic requirement in property management and we believe that tenant satisfaction is determined by the maintenance of outdoor facilities and how fast any issues are dealt with. 

How do we ensure such effective control of facility management?

  • Central recording and monitoring of inspection and maintenance obligations 
  • Regular quality controls and property inspections 
  • Fast decision-making 
  • Regular FM-Jour fix (partly with tenants also)
  • Concentration on medium-sized FM service providers with a high degree of vertical integration 
  • Separation of technical and infrastructural building management 
  • Standardized tenders using Orca AVA


Intelligent and integrated software systems

For all of the services that we provide, we use the latest technologies in commercial and technical property management. Even complex reporting requirements can be mapped out flexibly and individually. Digital workflows are just as natural for us as a complete digitalization of all our documents in our document management system. We can also integrate you into our various workflows, e.g. in the invoice release workflow, and do not shy away from giving you access to our document management system so that you are always able to view invoices or other important documents.  

Our system infrastructure also enables vertical integration from the property to fund level. Your property-related data is seamlessly transferred to our Vistra colleagues in the tax-consulting department for SPV accounting via the DATEV interface. Our colleagues from the fund administration department can also consolidate all accounting and lease data from property management with the Yardi computer system. 


Consistency and Engagement

Despite all the benefits of digitalization, we believe that the individual employee is still the key to successful property management. Staff consistency plays a major role here. We are very proud that many of our property managers have been with us, and with you, for over ten years. 

We also continue our professional development, not just in specific subject areas, but also in terms of general skills and abilities, through our self-developed Vistra University Programme. 

Transparent quarterly target communication and half-yearly 360 employee surveys form a further framework for our commitment to managing your real estate. 


Property management plus – a package of additional services tailored to your need

In cases of complex renter improvements or refurbishment projects, our highly specialised in-house architects and engineers lead the project management, independent of the technical property managers. We examine and evaluate existing building structures and then develop possible concepts and implement them in close cooperation with planners, municipalities, tenants and you. As property managers, we are also authorized to submit building documents and can therefore submit building applications without any problems. You can find our construction project management services here. 

Our property management service also offers active letting management. Our lettings managers manage the letting process for both new lettings and existing lease contract extensions. We either take over the commercialization ourselves or manage the new letting with the integration of our nationwide broker network, whichever you feel suits you best. 

Our investment service will gladly support you in buying and selling throughout all stages of the transaction process. We develop the perfect strategy in collaboration with you, whether that be holistically or selectively, across the entire value chain at portfolio and individual level. 

In times of global real estate investments, the international network is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore of enormous benefit to you that you have exclusive access to our international network at Vistra. 

Our goal is always to carry out a discrete, audit-proof and professional transaction which leads to the best possible result for you. You can find our range of services here


Vistra Property Management is part of Vistra,  a global service provider of a broad range of administrative, management and real estate services. With over 4,600 employees Vistra is represented in 46 jurisdictions.


We are always looking for professionally qualified staff. Vistra offers an industry-leading package of benefits as well as Global opportunities, and will support staff at all levels in gaining qualifications and promotions throughout the organisation.

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