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Being successful together. Using this motto, we have entered into innovative collaborations with strong partners. These collaborations allow us to offer our customers real value-added services in the areas of sustainability, optimization of operating costs and digitization, in conjunction with our partners.



ES EnviroSustain survey, assess and certify real estate within Europe while being reliable, on time and independent - regardless of whether it's project development, refurbishment, new construction or existing buildings. The motive was and is sustainability and environmental protection.

Sustainable ownership and management of real estate can not only have an extremely beneficial effect on the environment, but it can also have a positive effect on the return on investment.

As a service provider, Argentus GmbH supports its customers in the optimal management of real estate - both on the commercial and on the technical side. The aims are to reduce operating costs, optimize plant operations and streamline the building infrastructure. With less effort to greater profitability.


Based in Dresden, DomConsult GmbH offers successful solutions in the business sectors of ERP, mobile services, MIS and business intelligence. They are successfully used by many companies in Europe. DomConsult GmbH is part of the Europe-wide DomData Group, which has been providing IT solutions for the financial sector for ten years. The headquarters in Poznan employs 200 people. DomConsult’s IT solutions are based on comprehensive workflow and process-oriented work. They significantly optimize the daily processes of employees. Executives get information in real time and can act faster and more effectively through transparent business processes. 


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